Atomic Melody Musical Video Competition

Date posted: SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

Nuclear science and technology are an integral part of many aspects of modern life, including health, agriculture, industry, and energy production. To deepen the understanding and to increase the interest of the younger generation in nuclear science and technology in a creative and fun way, ANENT will hold a music video competition titled "Atomic Melody - Nuclear Science and Technology Musical Video Competition" as a part of the ANENT 20th anniversary activities. The title "Atomic Melody" is proposed as a combination of two key elements of the competition: nuclear science and technology, and a music video as well. The word "atomic" refers to the scientific and technical aspects, while "melody" refers to the musical and video aspects. This competition is being organized within the framework of IAEA TC Project RAS/0/091 "Supporting Nuclear Science and Technology Education at the Secondary and Tertiary Level". Students from all backgrounds are invited to participate in this competition. The purpose of the competition is to give young people the opportunity to produce creative works in the form of musical videos whose content reflects their knowledge of nuclear science and technology. Music videos must be original and can creatively and accurately convey information about nuclear science and technology benefits. If you are finding it difficult to navigate the LMS 'My submission' page, feel free to submit your registration form and your materials directly via email at

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